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I'm not receiving your order confirmation and shipping emails, what should I do ?

These emails may be in your "spam" folder in your e-mail software, which is increasingly sensitive to protecting the privacy of their users by identifying emails that are not part of your contacts, for example. We recommend that you authorize the following domain in your anti-spam tool and/or e-mail program:


I can't make my payment, what should I do ?

If your payment doesn't go through, check that your card numbers and expiry date are correct. Check with your bank to make sure they are not blocking your payment. For security reasons, Customer Service does not have access to your bank details but will be happy to help you.


Which Internet browsers should I use to access the CARVEN website correctly ?

The CARVEN website is available with Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or other version, but also on Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera.